Lost Toys

There is something about finding a toy abandoned to the force of nature that brings a piercing sense of loss. On a forested rural property in Northern California, I have found these toys that belonged to children who were born there years before. They are all photographed on site, outdoors, as found, on a slab of old growth redwood, also part of my archeology of this place. Walking in this forest, there are other things to be found. A Volkswagen and an old Chevy truck now converted to wood rat nests; axles and engine blocks; a washing machine. Perhaps most poignant of all is the place we call “The Shaky Shack.” But for now, these toys bring me closest to the inhabitants of this remote site.


24″ x 30″
Epson Hot Press Natural or Moab Entrada
100% rag paper
© 2017-2018 Deborah O’Grady