Project Description



Lumen naturae, the alchemical light of nature, conceived as the light that penetrates the human unconscious, a path of interiority revealing our deeper selves.  Being in nature, whether the deep green forest or the austere dry desert, holds the potential to provide inner illumination. In this first volume of a planned multi-volume set, a penetrating green dominates, the viriditas of Hildegard von Bingen. Photographed in the forested coastal region of northern Sonoma County, California, these forests are rebounding from successive clear cuts, graced from time to time by an abandoned fruit tree and other objects, suggesting an untold history.


Archival pigment prints on Moab Entrada 300 natural 100% rag paper
24″ x 30″
Edition of 10
© 2013-2015 Deborah O’Grady